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 About the Firm

S&T Legal Advisory Co, Ltd. was established by leading former judges, barrister at laws, and attorney at laws who graduated from the best university in Thailand. These legal professionals want to present our firm as their representative to communicate with foreigners and investors who are willing to live or invest in Thailand and show them how civilized Thailand is.

 Therefore, S&T Legal Advisory Co, Ltd. established these important policies:

A. Coordinators with foreigners should be foreign legal professionals to people who is specialized in that foreign language to avoid miscommunication.

B. We deeply understand that rules and regulations in Thailand are so different from everywhere else which might cause confusion for most foreigners to make their decision to invest in Thailand. Therefore, S&T Legal Advisory Co, Ltd.’s duty is to ensure that those rules and regulations are described to those wise investors accurately.

C. We guarantee that we always send out the precise legal consultation.

D. S&T Legal Advisory Co, Ltd. will always deliver accurate advises and suggestions to protect the clients’ advantages even though those advise and suggestions will decrease the firm’s benefits.

S&T Legal Advisory Co, Ltd. hopes that everyone who has entered Thailand can obtain the accurate information and they will be acknowledged that investing, running a business and living in Thailand is totally appreciable.



If you have visited our firm’s profile, you would be informed about our legal professions are the strength of our firm because they are experts and experienced in this field.

Also, from our legal professionals’ experiences, we realize how important litigation is for our clients. Litigation is very delicate, so experienced and professional lawyers will be careful when they are doing their job, and this always makes the differences. Our legal professionals always bring pride to our firm and satisfy our clients.

There are many cases that our legal professionals have won in Appeal and Supreme Courts.








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